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    Clinging To Diffusion - Vir Unis & James Johnson - Perimeter III (CDr, Album)


    1. Dolmaran

      which we will call the diffusion space. Each eigenfunction can be interpreted as a coordinate on the set. This mapping can be used as a diffusion metric to measure the diffusion distance between the data point x,y ∈ Γ. More precisely the diffusion metric can be written as D2 m(x,y)= j≥0 λm j (ϕ j(x)−ϕ (y))2.
    2. Mezim

      Diffusion should be distinguished from other dispersive processes resulting from bulk transport of particles by the fluid medium itself. For example, the initial swirling of dye dropped into a glass of water is not a manifestion of diffusion, but is primarily due to gravitational forces plus thermally and mechanically induced convection currents. Only in later stages when the dye has become.
    3. Dazahn

      An axon 1 cm long is about times longer still and from the diffusion time scaling as the square of the distance it would take 10 6 seconds or about two weeks for a molecule to travel this distance solely by diffusion. This enormous increase in diffusive time scales as cells approach macroscopic sizes demonstrates the necessity of mechanisms.
    4. Mozahn

      DIFFUSION & PERFUSION IMAGING Conventional CT and MR imaging are not sufficiently sensitive to evaluate acute stroke. CT is perfectly adequate to detect intracranial hemorrhage, but in the case of nonhemorrhagic stroke, the CT scan may be negative for the first 24 to 36 hours. FLAIR and T2-weighted images can detect acute stroke by 6 to 12 hours, but most new stroke therapies focus on the.
    5. Kazilkree

      Nov 21,  · Key Difference – Perfusion vs Diffusion. Perfusion is the phenomena where a fluid flows through the circulatory system or the lymphatic system to an organ or a tissue. Normally it is described as, the flow of blood to the capillary bed of a tissue. Perfusion is extremely important after a cardiothoracic surgery to maintain a healthy blood flow to tissues which is normally managed by health.
    6. Kejinn

      diffusion processes in terms of solutions of the differential equation for diffusion. Little mention is made of the alternative, but less well developed, description in terms of what is commonly called 'the random walk', nor are theories of the mechanism of diffusion in particular systems included.
    7. Shakajas

      A diffusion line (also known as a bridge line) is a secondary line of merchandise created by a high-end fashion house or fashion designer that retails at lower prices. These ranges are separate from a fashion house's "signature line", or principal artistic line, that typically retail at much higher prices. Diffusion products may be on sale alongside designers' signature line but they can also.
    8. Zulkikinos

      diffusion is defined as a process of ____ ___ of individual molecules of a substance brought about by random molecular motion. mass transfer. diffusion is associated with a ___ ___ such as a concentration gradient. driving force.

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