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    1. Madal

      Combining several lines of melody at once is polyphony, varying a melody in different ways in simultaneous performance is heterophony, and combining melody and chords is homophony. A melodic line has several key characteristics, including contour, range, and scale. The contour of melody is the overall line that rises, falls, arches, undulates.
    2. Vudorisar

      Motion by step is when a melody moves by consectective notes in the scale. Motion by skip is when a melody moves by intervals of larger than a 2nd. Two many large leaps in a row are more difficult to connect as a single melodic unit. And a melody comprised of only stepwise motion is often not very interesting for the listener.
    3. Togar

      The melodic minor scale uses the W-H-W-W-W-W-H note counting rule to identify the scale note positions.. To count up a Whole tone, count up by two physical piano keys, either white or black.. To count up a Half-tone (semitone), count up from the last note up by one physical piano key, either white or black.. The tonic note (shown as *) is the starting point and is always the 1st note in the.
    4. Maujora

      Yes there are so many melodic songs that you all need to listen and here I'm presenting only a few. I request you to listen at least five of them and then go to the whole list if you really like that five. Aerosmith 1. Dream on America 1. A horse.
    5. Dazshura

      Let's look at rhythm, melody, harmonic structure and performance directions in more detail. (These examples are based on an 8-bar melody. If you choose the voice question, you can write it for as many bars as you think appropriate, but eight is an excellent choice, because it is the most balanced.
    6. Tygokasa

      melodic definition: 1. very pleasant to listen to 2. relating to the tune in a piece of music 3. very pleasant to. Learn more.
    7. Grobei

      A melody that rises and falls quickly, with large intervals between one note and the next, is a disjunct melody. One may also speak of “leaps” in the melody. Many melodies are a mixture of conjunct and disjunct motion. A melody may show conjunct motion, with small changes in pitch from one note to the next, or disjunct motion, with large leaps.
    8. Vokasa

      Having or producing a pleasing melody: melodious, musical, tuneful. 2. Resembling or having the effect of music, especially pleasing music: dulcet, euphonic, euphonious, melodious, musical, tuneful. The American Heritage® Roget's Thesaurus. Copyright © , by .

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