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    Transylvanian Woods


    1. Dogore

      The region, whose name first appeared in written documents in the 12th century, covered a territory bounded by the Carpathian Mountains on the north and east, the Transylvanian Alps on the south, and the Bihor Mountains on the west.
    2. Vudoshakar

      However, just because the parents are healthy, it doesn’t mean your Transylvanian Hound is completely out of the woods from contracting or developing a health condition. Though, in general, the Transylvanian Hound is an extremely healthy breed, they can develop some minor health issues such as: #1: HIP DYSPLASIA.
    3. Daijind

      Video: Brown Bears Fighting, Playing, & Scratching in Transylvanian Woods October 18, Victoria Hillman is a National Geographic Explorer and Research Director for the Transylvanian Wildlife Project overseeing research on carnivores and biodiversity of Europe’s last great wilderness.
    4. Gubei

      Just as Pennsylvania means "Penn's Woods" and Sylvania means a kind of lightbulb that burns out fairly quickly, Transylvania means literally "through the woods" or "beyond the woods," and that is a good description for where it is located. By the way: the lake pictured above was created by .
    5. Faujin

      The Voivode of Transylvania (German: Vojwode von Siebenbürgen; Hungarian: erdélyi vajda; Latin: voivoda Transsylvaniae; Romanian: voievodul Transilvaniei) was the highest-ranking official in Transylvania within the Kingdom of Hungary from the 12th century to the 16th century. Appointed by the monarchs, the voivodes – themselves also the heads or ispáns of Fehér County – were the.
    6. Arajora

      The deep intensity and mystery in Sylvia Plachy's Transylvanian Woods reflects the emotional connection she makes in her work. Transylvanian Woods is the elegant opening image from her latest monograph, Self Portrait with Cows Going Home (Aperture, ), and is emblematic of a collection of some of her most complex and personal work to date. This archival C-print is signed and numbered .
    7. Vimi

      The mysterious Hoia-Baciu Forest (World’s Most Haunted Forest) is beginning to compete more and more with the Dracula legend in Transylvania It has become more famous because of unexplained phenomena, which are considered by some as manifestations of the paranormal. This forest’s fame is spreading worldwide.
    8. Tuzilkree

      • Casa Pelu • Transylvanian country house at the Carpathian foothills. 10 reviews. Porumbacu Transylvanian GuestHouse Near Sibiu (Free bikes) 6 reviews. Sashi house. 5 reviews • studio Zollo II • in a Carpathian village • holiday apartment Sibiu Romania. 8 reviews.

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